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NEW YORK (AdAge.com)-- In an amazingly short time, mobile apps have changed our phones, how we use them, and, ultimately the brand landscape. But how best to accelerate marketers' legitimate involvement in such a direct, personal form of interaction with consumers? That was the question posed by the Apps for Brands conference held on Sept. 23 by Advertising Age and Appolicious. Below is the news coverage generated by that gathering of some of the country's top authorities on mobile phone applications.

VIDEO: Inside Benjamin Moore's iPhone App PR Coup

Second out of the Gate but First in Earned Media

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Although Sherwin-Williams was the first paint company out of the gate with a consumer iPhone app, competitor Benjamin Moore PR-ed its own app into a top hit with the media.

VIDEO: How 'Men's Health' Blew Its First Apps Opportunity

Admits Delayed Start Helped Competitors 'Immeasurably'

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Savvy as they may be in other things, more than a few editors and producers across the traditional media universe are befuddled by mobile apps. In a rare public admission, Men's Health editor Matt Bean said his magazine initially blew off apps but later realized that mistake had helped competitors "immeasurably."

VIDEO: Ads in Apps: Latest Techniques Demonstrated

A Look at iPhone Fantasy Football Campaigns

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The technology for placing ads in mobile phone applications is advancing at breakneck speed and getting ever more elegant. Yahoo's Adam Taggart demonstrates the new Subway and Toyota ads running in the company's new Fantasy Football app for the iPhone.

VIDEO: APP vs. WAP: Which Is Most Important for Mobile Marketers?

MLB.com President Robert Bowman Offers His Conclusions

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Major League Baseball's latest app has hundreds of thousands of users watching baseball games live on their iPhone screens. And MLB.com, its digital arm, has grappled with the question of whether WAP -- mobile web pages -- or downloadable apps are the best road forward to higher digital revenue streams. MLB.com President Robert Bowman discusses his conclusions.

Kraft Explains Its Decision to Charge for Its IPhone App

Also See VIDEO DEMONSTRATION of the iFood App

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To charge or not to charge? That's the question many marketers and media companies building mobile apps are asking themselves. Kraft, which has arguably been one of the more successful marketers in the iPhone App Store, charges 99 cents for its iFood Assistant. Ed Kaczmarek, director of innovation-new services at Kraft Foods explains why.

How Brands Can Build a Successful App Strategy

12 Lessons From Benjamin Moore, Bank of America, Kraft and Others

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More than a year into the age of the iPhone app, brands are starting to get on board. At Wednesday's Apps for Brands event in New York marketers from Kraft, Bank of America, Benjamin Moore, Zagat and Men's Health convened to talk about what they've learned from their early, successful forays into the space.

What Men's Health Learned From 50,000 IPhone App Downloads

Brand Editor Describes the Publishing Challenges and Pay Off

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Men's Health has aggressively moved into the iPhone Apps space over the last three months, with applications that detail workouts, help users select smoothies and help guys figure out the right pickup line for the right situation. Its three paid apps have collectively snared 50,000 downloads.

How Kleiner Perkins' iFund Can Helps Marketers Navigate Mobile Apps

Multiple Revenue Streams, Virality and Wide Appeal

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The iFund team at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has reviewed 3,300 ideas and invested in seven. That's because while there are a lot of fun, one-off ideas out there, very few have the combination of ingredients to become a long-term platform success, namely multiple revenue streams, the ability to go viral and wide appeal.

MLB.com CEO: Why Brands Need to Push Mobile Now

More than 400,000 Pay $10 for Baseball's 'At Bat' App

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Mobile apps are a must for brands, MLB.com CEO Bob Bowman told attendees at Wednesday's Apps for Brands event in New York. He said mobile grows your audience -- and your revenue, because brands have learned they can charge for an app. MLB's $9.99 At Bat app, for example, has 400,000 downloads.

Apps For Brands Event Schedule, Sept. 23, 2009

Sessions and Links to Speaker Bios

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This was the schedule for the Sept. 23, 2009 Apps for Brands conference co-sponsored by Advertising Age and Appolicious. Held at the The Times Center in Manhattan, it brought together a group of speakers including key marketers and developers behind some of the best brand-oriented apps that have achieved significant marketing success.
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