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Here's something to accelerate your heartbeats per minute: techno style has its very own tome, "Localizer 1.0: The Techno House Book," published by Berlin's Die Gestalten Verlag. The $50 large-size paperback has a rave-cool holograph on the cover, which opens onto a welter of intimidating German texts and English translations that's more crowded than the dance floor during a party at Moby's house, but some of the graphics-contributed by a variety of Euro design teams-are sheer, uh, ecstasy.

As Robert Klanten, one of the book's editors, writes in a preface, "Techno has long since crossed the border of commerce ...... Advertising firms and the captains of industry are eagerly making their way in this new trend, and it was only a question of time until the first smiling ravers appeared in spots for washing powder and toothpaste. Will 'Localizer' be compulsory reading for all thieves and parasites?"

And all this time we thought it was called sampling! The book, which has been distributed in Europe by London's Art Books International, is expected to hit U.S. stores by the summer, though it can be ordered now from Strauss Consultants

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