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New from Chronicle Books, San Francisco, is Multimedia Graphics: The Best of Global Hyperdesign, an analog analysis of 36 CD-ROMs, Web sites and computer games, chosen by a panel of international designers, journalists and scholars, and introduced by His Hyperness, Neville Brody. Among the better-known domestic showcases are the HotWired Web site and CD-ROMs like Blender, The Residents' Bad Day on the Midway and Laurie Anderson's Puppet Motel, but don't miss international treats like those at right, as well as the Dutch StarDOTstar shopping mall, devoted to virtual body modification at the Beauty Farm.

Le Louvre, Peintures et Palais, by Dominique Brisson & Natalie Coural, published by Montparnasse Multimedia, Paris, 1994.

Pop Up Computer, by Gento Matsumoto & Saru Brunei, published by ASK, TX, SOFTX, Tokyo, 1994.

Fashion designs of Le Cri Neerlandais, by Opera Interactive Media, published by

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