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It's a banner occasion for Diesel jeans, right up there with the ad with the raw meat and the razor blade (it was No. 17, if you're counting) that evoked a collective "blecch!" from the terminally hipless. The Italian company and its longtime agency, Paradiset DDB Needham/Stockholm, not only opens its first New York superstore this month but '96 also marks the "Guide to Successful Living" campaign's fifth anniversary and the 60th print execution of the series. Wow, absolute longevity.

"It's still the little, nasty, curious boy looking out on the world, commenting and having some fun," says creative director Joakim Jonason, who's worked on the ads since their inception.

Rarely has a campaign, never mind one of such fractured magnitude, made it so much fun to say, "What's wrong with this picture?" Jonason, who collaborates with copywriter Linus Carlson, believes that "being a fashion company isn't good enough for us," which may invite comparisons with Benetton, but Diesel's work has, thankfully, never been sanctimoniously annoying. "Companies that can push for progress in everyday life should do that-we want to tell people to break borders, be brave and don't swallow things that people give you." Good party advice, too. "We want to keep the dialogue going," he adds, concluding with a

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