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STRETCHING HER LEGS: A model attired in Italy's Mura stockings is immortalized, with emphasis on her unusually long legs, in a print ad by Ammirati Puris Lintas, Milan. Photographer Edland Man lengthened the model's legs because the strategy was to show a lot of leg. Below: A young man's series of drastic haircuts illustrates discounts available to those Norwegian State Railway passengers who commonly wear these styles. A snip of scissors shortens the man's mane ("Students, 50% off") before electric clippers hack off the rest of it ("Soldiers, 90% off"). Leo Burnett Co., Oslo, handles.

EGGED ON: Farmer Jim Johnstone delivers a fascinating, scrambled 60-second treatise on the beauty and practicality of eggs, in a spot by Roche Macaulay & Partners, Toronto. The jumbled, natural footage for the Canadian Egg Board shows the farmer casually tossing his wares and demonstrating their resistance to breakability. Below: Pan-European print ads for Cotton USA compare the softness of the material to the ideal softness of a spouse. As a point of comparison, The Chelsea Partnership, London, calls its product more comforting than the competition (husbands).

SERVING THE WORLD: A TV spot by DDB Needham, Sydney, depicts the wide-screened world view of McDonald's, showing how patrons enjoy its fast food in Rome's Piazza Navona, Moscow's Red Square, a one-horse Mexican town and the Australian outback.

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