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The interactive world will change not only the lingo but the duties of traditional agency media departments. Here are some opinions on how these tasks will change.

Martin Nisenholtz, senior VP-director, interactive marketing group, Ogilvy & Mather Direct, New York.

"Media departments will need to be more proactive than just evaluating opportunities. They'll have to build alliances between content providers and marketers. ...

"In the '50s, media departments ... did deals between advertisers and programmers, like a `Colgate-Palmolive Hour.' And I think that's what [Procter & Gamble CEO Ed] Artzt was saying in his speech [at the American Association of Advertising Agencies meeting in May]."

Bob Pinzler, principal, Digital Marketing Associates.

"What you don't want to do is to deal in a broad scale; it doesn't work. ... There was a book written in the '20s called Scientific Advertising. [Author/adman Claude Hopkins] said no matter what happens to technology, advertising comes down to the communication of one person to one person. ... What [interactive media] do is take this direct response model and move it to a moving medium."

Paula George Tompkins, CEO, SoftAd Group.

"Traditional agencies are used to calculating reach, frequency, [cost-per-thousand viewers or readers]-stuff that's totally nonapplicable [in interactive media]. ...

"People tend to spend 20 minutes with a standard interactive advertising or marketing program. It's no longer an ad, it goes into a different realm. It's more of a information buying and selling program. ... Now you're talking about depth, not reach."

Roland Sharette, director of interactive resources, J. Walter Thompson USA, Detroit.

"[Media departments] need to learn to deal with the research element in evaluating the interactive audience. ... It's going to be important that they begin to work with the reality of dealing with real numbers, of counting on people who will be available to count in the interactive media. ...

"[The other difference for media deparments] would be trying to evaluate which platforms work best for the kind of interactive advertising modules that are being produced by the agencies and the creative staff. ... It will be a lot more complicated, but somebody has to do that work."

Compiled by Junu Bryan Kim and Caity Olson.

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