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Contest #446: When the Joe Montanas of tomorrow are asked where they're going after winning a championship, it might not be Disneyland. If, that is, the National Football League is serious about getting into the theme park business. In fact, the NFL is mulling a fantasyland right next to the Happiest Place On Earth. Kinda makes you wonder if other leagues are thinking the same thing.

Let's wonder for them. T.N.T.ers: come up with the next sports league to open a theme park, complete with rides, attractions and even sponsor tie-ins.

And now for the results of Contest #442: we asked you for the next ad campaign in support of Major League Baseball and you stepped up to the plate with:

First Prize: In a take-off of "A Christmas Carol," Ebenezer Scrooge, decked in a baseball uniform, gets a lesson in the true meaning of the American pastime from the ghosts of baseball's glorious past (Lou Gehrig), imperiled present (Frank Thomas and Ken Griffey Jr.) and future, a freckled-faced youngster who pleads with Scrooge to bring back the American pastime. Tom Baldwin, Erin McCann and Larry Gillespie, students, College of Mount St. Joseph, Cincinnati.

Second Prize: To end the baseball strike and attract viewers, Major League Baseball begins interactive baseball. After each play, viewers can use joysticks to raise or lower player salaries. Watch those players hustle, see those owners sweat. Karen Eubanks, buyer, Pacific Gas & Electric, San Francisco.

Third Prize: New lyrics to a familiar tune, played over the image of an innocent young boy, tossing a baseball: "Take me out of the ball game/Take away the crowd/Buy me some condos and Cadillacs/I don't care if we ever come back/Ruin, ruin, ruin the whole game/If I don't win it's a shame/For it's 1, 2, (Maybe) 3 fans left at the/Old ball game!" Mario Sciuto, writer, Baltimore Magazine, Baltimore.

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