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Considering all the allergies associated with milk, "people don't digest the line 'It does a body good' anymore," says Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein copywriter Chuck McBride. "So we decided to play up the fact that milk is a comfort food."

The result is a hilarious campaign for the California Fluid Milk Processor Advisory Board that reminds viewers to make sure they've got enough moo juice in the house by showing situations in which people have run out. For instance, in one of the six :30s, a nerd with an obsessive collection of Alexander Hamilton memorabilia is eating a peanut butter sandwich when a radio call-in contest rings him up to ask the $10,000 question, "Who shot Alexander Hamilton?" With his mouth practically

glued shut and his milk carton empty, the poor boob keeps shouting his answer into the telephone, but all he can manage is a hopeless "Ammman Buhhhh." Needless to say, he loses.

In another spot, a sleepy dad comes into the kitchen and finds his toddler sucking on a bottle of milk and the cat licking milk from its bowl, but none left to pour on his Wheaties. When he leans over to the kid's highchair a voiceover warns, "I don't think so, baldy." Then the screen goes black and we hear the cat screech.

In a Hitchcock-styled spot, a shipwrecked band in a leaking lifeboat draws straws to see who'll have to jump overboard. The loser rummages through his suitcase and appeases the group with graham crackers, but he ultimately enrages them when his milk bottle yields only a drop. A ruckus ensues and the spot cuts to a shot of his floating suitcase. The tag on all spots: "Got milk?"

Directing credits are distributed among Michael Bay of Propaganda Films, Mark Pellington of Crossroads Films and Steve Kessler of HSI; additional agency credits to CD Jeff Goodby, ADs Erich Joiner and Joe Shands and writers Scott

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