General Motors: ANALYST TAKE

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Researchers "look at all the estimates and we're seeing a range of 14.5 million to the low 16 million [in 2002 total vehicles sold in the U.S.]. Terrorist attack could slow the market. It is a consumer-drive market. First there were sport-utility vehicles, now it is crossover vehicles. General Motors is poised to do well because of light trucks. DaimlerChrysler and Ford will be hard pressed to keep pace. Consumers are in control of the market as never before and it's going to be that way for a long time. The strong can inflict harm on the weak through incentives, thereby raising the threshold of pain."

-dave cole, president of the center for automotive research

"GM has got all these wonderful things like Bob Lutz [vice chairman], it's reinvigorated, it's corporate brand [image] is up, it's got new hot product coming to market and its share price is actually going up when the others are going down. People tend to read that sort of thing in the press. It's been a long time, but GM is kind of cool. People like to be attached to a winner and that's having an effect on sales. "

-steve saxty, executive director for automotive practice at futurebrand

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