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For decades, marketing evolved around the idea of the purchase funnel, which was based on the classic AIDA model: Awareness, the customer is aware of the existence of a product or service; Interest, actively expressing an interest in a product group; Desire, aspiring to a particular brand or product; and Action, taking the next step toward purchasing the chosen product.

But today, just driving awareness is a trickier game given the time consumers spend with digital and social media, and filtering what they see from traditional media. What does the new purchase funnel look like? Hint: It's not a funnel. And many marketers now understand that in order to spur consumers to action, they need a robust shopper-marketing program.

Ad Age Insights has created a four-part series to equip your team with the most important information they need to create valuable shopper-marketing integrations for your brand or clients. The first issue highlights best practices and examines the relationship between marketers, retailers, ad agencies and shopper-marketing agencies.

The second issue explores how marketers can employ search, social and mobile marketing. The online exchange of information and opinions among retailer, brand and shopper now can be direct, continuing and even face-to-face. The third report dives into the world of neuromarketing, and how marketers are using new technology to determine what motivates shoppers. Eye tracking, biometrics and facial coding are all being used by marketers. This report explains how research firms are using neuromarketing to get beyond what consumers say to ascertain how they truly behave; what the skeptics think, and how the Advertising Research Foundation is taking steps to verify results and recommendations for how to use neuromarketing findings.

The final report focuses on five case studies from Kimberly-Clark, ConAgra, Taco Bell, Starbucks and Frito-Lay. They illustrate how shopper-marketing techniques can introduce a product, boost sales for existing brands, reframe how shoppers think about your offerings and how online activity can drive sales in-store.

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