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Who gives a Smit? Jimmy Smith writes: "Thanks for giving Hanrahan, W&K, Nike, Traktor and me some love in your July/August Work section. I'm glad y'all enjoyed the "Asteroid" spot. However, you spelled my name wrong. It's Smith, not Smit. How hard can it be to spell the most common name in America? If you must spell my name wrong again, at least spell it like that actor, Jimmy Smits." No problem, Jummy. Sorry about the error.

Plane to sea: That was a sympathetic local ad in Newsweek, the one for a non-profit group offering to fly cancer patients to and from treatment centers, free of charge. The fact that it showed a big picture of a small plane was no problem, except that the ad appeared smack in the middle of a section commemorating John F. Kennedy Jr.

Gender bender: Shoot editor Robert Goldrich, in a recent column, refers to the brand Muse, "a male impotency treatment." Bravo. We're all for truth and clarity. In fact, we demand that from now on, McDonald's specifies that its burgers are made from female cows. And Sheik should finally start divulging that its condoms must only be used on male penises.

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