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Dustin Hoffman's Secret Ad
Marketer: Audi
Brand: Audi A6 Sedan
Title: "Graduate Spoof"
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Frankfurt, Germany
This spot is banned from airing in the U.S. In a reprise of "The Graduate," crafted into an Audi ad for the German market, Dustin Hoffman is once again locked out of the church, trying to rescue the would-be bride. Except this time it's his daughter. All dialogue is in German. The original movie's theme song, "Mrs. Robinson," plays in the background but is a cover by the Lemonheads rather than the original by Simon and Garfunkel.

Soup Suck Up
Marketer: Lipton
Brand: Cup-a-Soup
Title: "Suck Up"
Agency: J. Walter Thompson
In an effort to reposition its vintage Cup-a-Soup product as an afternoon pick-me-up for officer workers, Lipton has unleashed a series of humorous office character spots. In this one, the office suck up explains how he uses Cup-a-Soup to keep up the energy needed to suck up better throughout the day.

Bush Campaign Dead Body Ad
Marketer: Bush/Cheney Campaign
Brand: Bush/Cheney
Title: "Safer, Stronger"
Agency: Maverick Media
Launched by the Bush/Cheney campaign marketing team last week, this ad caused a stir with its use of footage of a flag-draped corpse being removed the rubble of the World Trade Center. Some survivors of 9/11 victims called the use of such an image in a political ad "unconscionable." A New York fireman told the New York Daily News that the advertising strategy was "as sick as people who stole things out of the place" after the attack.

Designated Chauffeur
Marketer: Sidney Frank Importing Co.
Brand: Grey Goose Vodka
Title: "Chauffeur"
Agency: "Devito/Verdi"
Playing up the snob appeal of its high-end vodka, Grey Goose's new ads make the point that its drinkers tend to call their designated drivers "chauffeurs." The new ad campaign continues to use the disputed tagline "Rated the best tasting vodka in the world." Grey Goose's marketer is the subject of legal actions by competitor Millennium Import's Belvedere vodka brand, which alleges that the "best tasting" claim is based on outdated 1998 data from the Beverage Tasting Institute.

And the Kitchen Sink
Marketer: Saturn
Brand: Ion
Title: "Door Music"
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
A old idea -- playing a musical tune with car parts -- takes on new life in this Saturn commercial. Objects ranging from shopping carts and trashcans to bus bumpers and human bodies smash rhythmically into the side of an Ion, melodically demonstrating its dent-resistant side panels. The performance ends when they literally throw in the kitchen sink.

Marketer: Coca-Cola Co.
Brand: Powerade
Title: "Lebron/Practice"
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
Juiced up on Powerade, LeBron Jones shows us how to sink four baskets from 90 feet away. Great digital effects.

Bug Professor
Marketer: Orkin Extermination Co.
Brand: Orkin
Title: "Classroom Training"
Agency: J. Walter Thompson
In what looks like the laboratory of a great 19th-century natural history museum, a distinguished entomologist walks a class of Orkin bug-killing technicians through the lifecycle and habits of ants. The ad effectively suggests that Orkin's local chemical-spraying employees are wizards of entomological understanding.

Polygraphing the Midas Man
Marketer: Midas
Brand: Midas
Title: "Polygraph Brand A"
Agency: DDB Chicago
Humorously addressing every frustration you've ever had at an auto muffler and brake shop, a customer wires a Midas worker to a polygraph. He passes the test with flying colors, of course, except for the last question.

Chase the Mechanical Rabbit
Marketer: Jaguar
Brand: Jaguar XJR Sedan
Title: "Mechanical Rabbit"
Agency: Y&R, Irvine
Turning a waterfront neighborhood of San Francisco into an impromptu dog track, this spot has a Jaguar XJR sedan racing a mechanical chromed rabbit. It's no surprise that the chromed cat wins.

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