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This is in reply to your Nov. 28 story, "Working on diversity"...Looking forward to beginning a career in advertising after school, I came calling on Madison Avenue, Michigan Avenue and now here in the streets of San Francisco with drive and passion as well as with many samples. Eight years later I received my first interview; it went nowhere.

My advertising instructor would always tell me the importance of making it known that I'm a "minority." He had recently left the industry to teach but worked during the years when all industries were "allowing" minorities in. I was skeptical because I sensed that those days were gone.

My only experience in the industry has come through temp agencies placing me in mailrooms of advertising agencies. There it became clear that an industry that uses the creativity, culture and style of any minority group it chooses, arrogantly chooses to exclude them from the process of commerce.

The study of demographics and psychographics has pinpointed the need for segmented marketing. An area that minority firms depended on for their survival has now been allotted to special market departments of major firms that, instead of giving recent minority grads the opportunity to seek employment, raid the talent at minority firms.

Abby Nixon

San Francisco

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