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U.K.James Whistler's mother, the legendary model for his 1872 "Arrangement in Gray & Black No. 1," blows her celebrated cool when she learns the

total of Sun Alliance's weekly pension payments. The woman's makeover as a slack-jawed fainting victim is instantly recognizable and hilarious, and it underscores the magnitude of Sun's distribution.

Agency: Leagas Shafron Davis Ayer, London

Creative/art director: Steve Grime

Copywriter: Rob Janowski

U.S.A traditional 18th century peg-legged pirate provides a humorous springboard for late 20th century healthcare revisionism. "Jean Lafitte could have used an occupational healthcare facility like" Fort Lauderdale, Fla.'s Medwork, which addresses a maritime community's specialized medical needs.

Agency: Zimmerman Agency, Tallahassee

Creative director, copywriter: Daniel Russ

Art director: Fernando Lecca

Illustrator: Daniel Russ

U.S. A baseball veteran's comically elongated pitching arm exhibits excessive demand. Pinnacle Brands tries to drum up similar demand for limited edition baseball cards, which hit the market Aug. 20-when the only Major League Baseball action came from collectors trading cards.

Agency: Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis

Creative directors: Jack Supple, Kerry Casey

Art director: Peter Winecke

Copywriter: John Neumann

U.K. National Westminster Bank sums up the downside of adolescent responsibility with a charming school portrait of a lad looking scrubbed, spit-shined and incredibly uncomfortable. NatWest tries to help by promoting a bank account that lets teen-agers get cash from 6,000 automated tellers instead of two parents.

Agency: Bartle Bogle

Hegarty, London

Creative director: John Hegarty

Art director: Tiger Savage

Copywriter: Paul Silburn

Photographer: Malcolm Venville

SingaporeSingapore Airlines resculpts the Northern Territory's mammoth Ayers Rock in the shape of Australia and New Zealand to advertise its 32 weekly flights to Australasia. The succinct, clever image reinforces the carrier's self-styled claim to being "the most frequent visitor to the homes of the koala and the kiwi."

Agency: Batey Ads, Singapore

Creative director: John Finn

Art director: Veronica Phua

Copywriter: Norman Kerr

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