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Venezuela Commemorating its 50-year anniversary, insurance company Seguros Caracas asks in a self-effacing headline, "Who cares?" Another headline answers, "The Future," as symbolized by this smiling baby girl. Her image makes a convincing, vivid argument for "a bright, guaranteed future-insured by us."

Agency: Vapro Publicidad, Caracas

Creative director: Jose Antonio V zquez-Figueroa

Art director: Paco Fernendez

Copywriter: Emilio Sole

Brazil The headline on Continental's unusual ad for Evolution explains that the washing machine "washes by the tumbling system." The ad links Evolution's innovative features with youthful sex appeal rather than stereotypically maternal chores. "The washing occurs only by contact between the pieces"-a concept this couple apparently can understand.

Agency: Duailibi Petit Zaragoza, Sao Paulo

Creative director: Jose Zaragoza

Creative/art director: Helga Miethke

Copywriter: Renata Namo

Italy An overhead view of several sombreros-appearing here simply as circles-is "proof that many Italians have Mexico on their minds." The playful image and text conveys Mexico's numerous tourism appeals-ancient civilizations, jungles, markets and gold-without resorting to ordinary tourism images.

Agency: Lintas, Milan

Creative directors: Gerardo Pavone, Elio Bronzino

Art director: Paolo Tognoni

Copywriter: Paolo Maccarini

Singapore A red English phone-box, placed incongrouously at an ancient rock formation in the mountains, concisely symbolizes the extensive inflight telecommunications capabilities available on Singapre Airelines' Megatop 747. The surreal image indicates the service's reach to remote locations.

Agency: Batey Communications Group, Singapore

Art director: John Finn

Copywriter: Norman Kerr

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