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Saatchi Watch Down Under: Maurice Saatchi is tipped to hire David Walden, former joint managing director of Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland in New Zealand, to open and run the New Saatchi Agency's Sydney office if Maurice wins the $135 million British Airways pitch this month. The $35 million international account of Australian airline Qantas, BA's partner, comes with it.

For Brazil, this is tough. The ad industry convinced Brazil's Health Minister Adib Jatene that the new rules for previously unfettered tobacco ads on TV and cinema should be: all the cigarette commercials you want between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Viewers vote, but not for Silvio. The polls don't look good for media baron Silvio Berlusconi, briefly Italy's prime minister last year. Italians vote June 11 in an unusual national referendum to decide if anyone should be allowed to own more than one TV network (he has three), whether ads should be banned from movies on TV, and whether ad sales monopolies be broken up. Surveys show Italians will vote no, yes, and yes.

British Airways has picked Laurence Dwyer, from BA's information management department, to handle all its Internet activities. We can guess his first task: BA isn't actually on the Internet yet.

.... or take the train. Eurostar, the new fast train service linking London to Paris and Brussels, is seriously fashionable. Never mind that parent Eurotunnel is wallowing in $16 billion of debt from building the tunnel under the English Channel or that the tunnel-only service for car drivers is a mess. The train is a hit with business travelers fed up with air controllers' strikes and long journeys to airports.

Learn rugby, quick. Son-of-Rupert Lachlan Murdoch, 23, and Kerry Packer's kid James, 28, third- and fourth-generation media barons respectively, are squaring off in a tug-of-war over Australia's rugby players. The Packers have a rugby league; the Murdochs want one. Team Murdoch is raiding the Packer-backed Australian Rugby League for players to set up a Star League whose games can be aired on Murdoch channels worldwide. So far, both sides have waved about $75 million in front of players and coaches.

Would you buy a Honda from the Addams family? Nicolo Caimi would. His Milan agency Pubblimarket beat out eight other Honda shops with this pan-European campaign idea: Morticia, Gomez, Lurch, and company are appalled by all the features that make the Honda Civic a safe and comfortable family car. The vehement campaign slogan: "Don't buy it."

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