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Not another Mercedes. Raja Trad, Leo Burnett Co.'s Middle East CEO, just can't stop winning them at the Dubai airport. A tip for travelers to the Middle East: Dubai's airport promotes its superb duty-free shopping by giving away top-of-the-line Mercedes, BMWs, Porsches and Ferraris. A boarding pass entitles you to buy a $135 raffle ticket; one ticket out of 1,000 wins a car. Raja won a Mercedes and a BMW (he sold both), and Marwan Rizk, president of the Middle East chapter of the International Advertising Association, won a Ferrari-which he also sold.

It's the real thing. Coca-Cola is a believer in Brazil's new economic miracle. Hyperinflation and frequent currency changes meant Brazilian soft-drink machines accepted only tokens, not worthless local coins. Dorothea Werneck, Brazil's Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, and Coke Brazil's President Alvaro Canal inaugurated the first Coke machine to accept the real, Brazil's year-old currency unit, at a grand opening ceremony in Brasilia this month.

If you're French, your car is white. Fiat checked before painting its Puntos, currently Europe's best-selling car, and found that Italians buy metallic midnight blue cars, Germans prefer gloomy black and Brits surprisingly opted for racy red.

Wella rides the waves. The German haircare marketer has clinched coveted sponsorship rights in the U.K. to Europe's most-watched show: beach drama "Baywatch." Simon George, managing partner of sponsorship specialist DRUM in London, spotted a natural fit with Wella's Shockwaves hairstyle line when the U.K. lifted a ban last month on sponsoring foreign programs. Tune in Sept. 23.

For everyone who wondered why Nizan Guanaes, president of DM9, SÌo Paulo, skipped this year's Cannes advertising festival even though he won Brazil's only Gold Lion (for a Lego spot): Recently married Nizan is hidden away at a northern Brazil spa to shed 30 pounds by the end of July.

Job corner: Only at Body Shop would a marketing exec have the title "head of corporate style." What does Jilly Forster do? .*.*. Another fun job: Jose Fernandes, who will be lending street cred to MTV's marketing-to-youth conference in London Sept. 15, is managing director of International Snowboarding Federation Media Networks. He's well qualified. He was snowboarding world champion in '87 ...... U.K. Prime Minister John Major would be job hunting if the media, not Parliament, had voted in this month's Conservative Party leadership contest. Headlines from the London tabloid press: "Er, um, ah, I've won, haven't I, dear?" "It's worse that that-he's won!" "218 [MPs] vote for the donkey just to save their asses." Imagine the headlines if he'd lost.

Claudia Penteado contributed to this column.

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