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STRIKE TWO: The General Motors Corp. strikes, settlement and stories related to marketing implications placed the carmaker on top of the SPINdex chart for the second consecutive month.

In fact, coverage during the one- month period leading up to this column generated nearly twice as many impressions in the SPINdex sample as in July. The sample devoted 72.5 minutes of network TV time and nearly half a million words of print to the topic.

Perennial SPINdex favorites, tobacco and alcohol regulations, meanwhile, captured second place for marketing-related news. Stories related to Turner Broadcasting System's Goodwill Games (pictured at r.) ranked third, indicating Ted Turner may succeed in transforming the Olympic-style sports spectacle into a true media event.

Y2K, the so-called "millennium bug," ranked fourth; Tina Brown's departure as editor of The New Yorker came in fifth.

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