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Contest #437: As media, ever fashionable, explore the generation gap separating Boomers and Xers, they're neglecting one major area where the two groups share no common ground: sports arena rock anthems. Boomers stomped to "We Will Rock You" for their favorite pro teams. All Xers have are hand-me-downs like The Wave. Give 'em a hand, T.N.T.ers: come up with the next rock anthem (and accompanying cheer) that Generation X sports fans can call their own.

And now the results of Contest #433: We asked you for the next Nike campaign to promote soccer in the U.S. and you offered:

First Prize: Dennis Hopper is rambling across a soccer field, muttering "What's all this fuss about soccer, man? I mean, it's a wussy sport for foreigners who don't know what real football is, for crying out loud ..." Suddenly, a soccer ball flies into the shot, striking Hooper in the face, knocking him to the ground. He picks up the ball and reverently ogles it. "Wow. Soccer, man. Like I said, it'll knock you out." Jeff Walter, copywriter, Vital Communications, Lexington, Ky.

Second Prize: Nike endorser Forrest Gump sits in the stands when suddenly an inebriated lot of fans, torked over a controversial call, start rioting, forcing Forrest to flee. "Stupid is as stupid does. And when you get in trouble, you gotta run fast. So don't be stupid, wear Nikes, because pain hurts. And that's all I got to say about that." Laurie Bloom, marketing coordinator, Multiple Listing Service, West Babylon, N.Y.

Third Prize: Nike's new soccer spot shows three monkeys wearing soccer outfits and the captions under each "Hear no evil," "See no evil," "Speak no evil." Then a fourth monkey enters the shot, his hands covering his privates, with the caption reading, "Feel no evil." Voice-over explains: "Nike's new protective cups. When a ball is coming at you at 90 miles per hour, it's no time to monkey around with your equipment." Jim Sabo, producer/director, Brose Productions, Tarrytown, N.Y.

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