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--At the Electronic Entertainment Expo Thursday in Los Angeles, Microsoft Corp. unveiled 11 Windows '95-compatible PC games including NBA Full Court Press, allowing any combination of two to four players to control a live, NBA-style game. Also included: Deadly Tide, Monsters Truck Madness, Hellbender and Close Combat. Microsoft also said it's teaming with other game developers and technologies to allow multiplayer gameplay across networks or the Internet.

--The Lego Toy Co., Enfield, Conn., attended the Electronic Entertainment Expo for the first time to introduce its first game for PC-CDROM, called Adventures on Lego Island. Developed in conjunction with Mindscape, the game targets kids 6 to 12 years old, allowing them to become part of a virtual Lego Town where they drive Lego cars and deliver pizzas, dodging bricks thrown by the mischievous ``Brickster.''

--Accolade, San Jose, Calif., makers of the hit videgame software titles HardBall and Star Control, announced a new game development strategy in which all of its future videogame software releases will be compatible with online multiplayer platforms. Accolade's first Internet game, Deadlock, will be developed through a new partnership with MPath Interactive to allow multiplayer gameplay on the Internet. Other games will be developed for use on the Internet with modem-linked videogames, PCs, and PC-linked videogame players. Sandy Jackson, previously Accolade's director of product development operations, has been promoted to become the company's new director of online business development.

--Acclaim Entertainment, Glen Cove, N.Y., announced it's bringing to multiple gaming platforms three of the most popular titles created by 32-bit platform develop 3DO Co.: Star Fighter, Killing Time and BattleSport. The games will be available for the Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn and for PC-cdrom.

--Tiger Interactive, Vernon Hills, Ill., introduced ToyWare, a line of products due out this summer that can be used as standalone devices or in conjunction with personal computers. The first two items in the line, targeted to kids between 3 and 7 years old, are the Tiger Time Piano and My First Laptop.

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