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Banner link only MSNBC MSNBC News Quantum Leap

Interactive banner IBM Corp. IBM Internet Solutions Banners Nicholson

Beyond the banner Nike The Nike Power Assault Wieden & Kennedy

Beyond the banner Polygram Filmed Entertainment "The Game" Web site Avalanche Systems

Corporate image Web site American Honda Motor Corp. Honda Web Site, Model Year '98 Rubin Postaer & Associates

Corporate image (business-to-business) Web site Iomega Corp. Euro RSCG Dahlin Smith White

Direct marketing Web site Apple Computer The Apple Store Adjacency

Direct marketing CD-ROM Symantec Corp. SBPI Trialware CD-ROM Medius IV

Self Promotion Web site Muffin-Head Productions Muffin-Head Productions Muffin-Head Productions

Self Promotion CD-ROM Revolv Revolv Business Card Duffy Design

Self Promotion, Other Digital Advertising Nicholson NNY Xmas '97 Nicholson

Non-Profit Organizations Web site Durban Local History Museum The Time Traveller Armadillo Interactive

Non-Profit Organization CD-ROM Minneapolis College of Art & Design MCAD MFA Visual Studies Minneapolis College of Art & Design

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