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* Google has turned search engine marketing into a marketing killer app that has made it rich and phenomenally fast-growing. It reported third-quarter gross revenue growth of 96% year-over-year to $1.58 billion.

* Google has sought to diversify its offerings, rolling out or testing free products including Gmail and Blogger-all of which have or will accept ads. It has also debuted a tracking service for all types of ads and Google Base, a classified ad service.

* Google is a darling among consumers. They love Google not only because it is the quintessential garage start-up made good, but because searching on Google is clean, fast and easy.

* Yet, it's a terror and must-buy for marketers: No big brand does search engine marketing without buying keywords on Google, while marketers are afraid that Google will enter other channels, even TV.

* Today, Google monetizes access to information through search. Tomorrow it could monetize access to information through any means necessary.

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