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Signaling a major change in advertising from the Republican primaries, Bob Dole's New Century Media Group will use the kickoff to Mr. Dole's acceptance speech Aug. 15 to introduce a new tone and feel for the campaign's media advertising.

The GOP candidate will abandon the traditional hype, climactic music and often the narration used in both Mr. Dole's own past campaign advertising and the usual film biographies shown at previous political conventions. The 7-minute film will introduce Mr. Dole before he addessses the convention, and will present the former Kansas senator simply-talking about himself and talking with others.


The first official post-primary work from the team that includes Andy Berlin, chairman of Fallon McElligott Berlin, New York; Mike Murphy, president of Murphy, Pintak & Gautier, McLean, Va.; and Dole media adviser Don Sipple never mentions the opponent, President Clinton.

"It's not like other political films. It's not an attempt to make something larger than life," Mr. Berlin said. "You get to know him without a bunch of spin doctoring. It's an opportunity to meet him as though you were next to him on a plane."

Mr. Sipple said that while the film will initially air at the convention, the film and portions of it will likely be used in Mr. Dole's paid advertising, expected to begin next week after a long hiatus (see story above).

Mr. Berlin said there have been discussions about cutting the film for commercial spots and expanding it for longer advertising.

Mr. Dole used up most of the money available for primary advertising by April, and since has had to depend on the Republican National Committee for any advertising.

The three leaders of the current ad team, while trying not to be too specific about ad plans, said they feel the need to introduce Mr. Dole to millions of Americans who don't really know him.

Mr. Murphy said the idea is for "people to get to know Bob Dole. You can't get that through production techniques."


Republicans gathering in San Diego this week will see other ad agency influences as well. A 6-minute tribute to President Reagan to be shown tonight was produced by Phil Dusenberry, vice chairman of BBDO Worldwide, New York, and features the Rev. Billy Graham, Lee Iacocca and Henry Kissinger, among others.

Mr. Dusenberry had a major hand in developing the look of the convention hall itself, suggesting they use Imero Fiorentino, a New York design firm.

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