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In a Converse Super Bowl spot from Houston Effler & Partners, Boston, that lovable old hoop hussy Grandmama-better known as Charlotte Hornets star Larry Johnson in a wig and a frilly dress-soars to new heights of weirdness with a "Wizard of Oz"-inspired plot.

Directed by Steve Marr of Palomar Pictures, the spot opens as a tornado dumps Grandmama in "3 Point Land," where she is greeted by a tiny referee played by Jerry Maren (one of the original Munchkins in the 1939 classic) and a team of midget basketball players. "I'm a power player," Grandmama bleats. "I gotta get home to the low post." Suddenly a uniformed Johnson appears in the sky like Glinda and sends down a pair of magical rear-entry BackJam shoes, which enable Grandmama to rocket home.

"We tried to take Grandmama to the next level," explains art director Mickey Paxton, Sega pun unintended. Other credits to copywriter Mike Wilson, creative directors Rich Herstek and Peter Favat and producer Harry McCoy. Effects by

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