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Mature Women Bare All in Latest Dove Effort

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Adages doesn't often have reason to crack open a copy of Ladies' Home Journal. It's no reflection on the magazine. Let's just say we're not exactly the target demographic. But last week, when we caught sight of the March 2007 issue with Paula Deen on the cover, we couldn't get back to our desk fast enough. We've got quite the soft spot for Southern women who measure butter by the pound rather than the pat, the kind of ladies who see no reason why we shouldn't use lard in cooking.

At any rate, Adages flipped the cover open and ... well ... in the immortal words of Foghorn Leghorn, "Wa-hoaaaaaaaa,
Nellie!" Inside the cover, as part of a gatefold ad, were three naked -- or as we and Ms. Paula might say, "nekkid" -- women. Not what we were expecting in LHJ. The women, of course, weren't part of some demographic grab for the Hustler set. Nope, these mature, real women were the latest iteration of Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty" theme. Unilever rolled this one out for Dove's Pro-Age line of products. The effort, from Ogilvy, Chicago, and shot by Annie Leibovitz, "features images of real women, literally uncovering all of their age spots, gray hair and curves," according to a release. A video featuring the nekkid ladies can be found on the landing page for

Here at Adages HQ, reaction was mixed -- with the menfolk trying to figure out the right thing to say and, surprisingly, a number of women saying this particular campaign crossed the line. Adages has no opinion -- again, we're not the target demographic and, so far, we haven't been subjected to repeated TV exposure or giant posters on the morning commute.

We did wonder what Richard Roeper would have to say about this. If you remember, the Chicago Sun-Times columnist angered women during one of the initial "Real Beauty" runs by writing, among other things, "If I want to see plump gals baring too much skin, I'll go to Taste of Chicago, OK?" Adages contacted Roeper by e-mail but he hadn't responded by press time.

(Special online update: Virginia Postrel writes in The Atlantic that "Real Beauty" has little to do with real beauty.

Speaking of magazines Adages doesn't read very often -- because it doesn't feature food, guns or politics -- we heard that the Feb. 23 issue of W will feature Ellen DeGeneres on its cover. Not coincidentally, Ellen will be hosting the 79th Academy Awards that very same weekend. And while W did manage to get some pretty snazzy glamour shots of Ellen that might shock her average daytime fan (we snagged a sneak peak), the magazine still couldn't persuade her to wear a dress. When W asked Ellen to don a gown for the cover, she considered, but opted against "playing dress-up," opting instead for a pantsuit-even if it is a frillier one than we're accustomed to seeing her wear. Ellen tells W, "When people show me clothing that seems very, very feminine, it's hard for me to embrace that because it just doesn't feel like me." We totally know how you feel, Ellen. But that doesn't mean Ellen will be hosting the Oscars in something off the rack from the Men's Wearhouse. She's been offered custom-designed suits from Gucci, Zac Posen and Viktor Rolf for her Oscar debut.

It's well over a month away, but Adages, doing our part to not anger any special-interest groups (besides PETA), wants to let readers know that the 18th Annual GLAAD Media Awards will be held March 26 at the Marriott Marquis in New York. Among the film nominees for the GLAAD Media Awards are "Little Miss Sunshine," "Quinceanera" and "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby." TV shows that were nominated include "Brothers & Sisters," "Ugly Betty," "The Office" and-get this-"Grey's Anatomy." The "Grey's" nod comes for the camping episode, not for anything Isaiah Washington said or did off-screen.

Patti LaBelle and Tom Ford will be honored at the ceremony.

You know who won't be honored? Snickers, that's who.

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