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High-Impact in U.K.
Marketer: British Heart Foundation
Brand: Anti-smoking
Title: "Artery"
Agency: Euro RSCG London
Those Brits sure know how to drive home a point about the hazards of smoking. This revoltingly graphic spot emphasizing the link between tobacco and heart disease sparked a controversy and calls for the British Office of Communications to ban its broadcast. The agency declined. A study by Hall & Partners found that 94% of U.K. smokers were aware of the spot and had been personally affected by it. That makes it one of the most heavily recalled advertisements ever to appear on British TV.

Women Are From Venus
Marketer: SBC
Brand: SBC Yellow Pages
Title: "SBC Yellow Pages"
Agency: GSD&M, Austin
Men are from Mars and women are from Venus but they both use the Yellow Pages. This clever play on Yellow Page categories depicts how, in a seemingly carefree romantic moment, one member of a young couple is secretly thinking about baby strollers while the other contemplates pizza.

Level Acrobats
Marketer: Absolut
Brand: Level Vodka
Title: "Level"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day
One of the TV spots from a $10 million campaign for Absolut's new super-premium class Level vodka, this ad takes the visual concept of 'leveling' to a new, acrobatic high. Imagine the most dramatic Cirque du Soleil product placement possible. But then, one has to put on a good a show when hawking vodka at $30 a bottle.

Marketer: Revlon
Brand: Revlon Cosmetics
Title: "Revlon In-Cinema"
Agency: Deutsch
Inspired by the TV show 'Sex and the City,' Revlon's new ad campaign features Hollywood movie stars Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Jaime King and Eva Mendes in a series of loosely episodic commercials that track the daily urban journeys of each of the Revlon spokeswomen. All journeys end in the same loft studio where the gathered lovelies gaze at huge photos of themselves. It's all very cosmetic.

Sushi-Stalking Dolphin
Marketer: National Aquarium in Baltimore
Brand: Dolphin Show
Title: "Sushi"
Agency: Eisner Communications, Baltimore
Warm-blooded, air-breathing dolphins are stars at the National Aquarium in Baltimore and, like many of the two-legged mammals they entertain, they are quite fond of nibbling fresh fish. In this spot for the Aquarium's new season, we watch a crafty dolphin successfully raid a competing creature's sushi stores.

Mini Tattoo
Marketer: Mini USA, BMW of North America
Brand: Mini Cooper
Title: "Body Art"
Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami
A Mini Cooper cultist who spends weekends customizing his vehicle with improvements such as a checkerboard roof pattern also customizes his own surface with a tattoo of his favorite car. In the background is the buzz of a tattoo artist's needle gun and a country western singer pining on about a love that brings such joy as well as pain. Let's Motor.

BMW 6 Series
Marketer: BMW North America
Brand: BMW 6 Series
Title: "One of These Days"
Agency: Fallon, Minneapolis
Caressed by the camera lens as well as the glory of an exultant high-afternoon sun, the BMW Series 6 convertible lays itself before us in a private meadow; sleek, sultry and ready for our embrace. One of these days, perhaps, we will.

Scrabble Board Life
Marketer: International Dyslexia Assoc.
Brand: International Dyslexia Assoc.
Title: "Naigiem"
Agency: Hot Tomali, Vancouver
This spot is as boring as it is moving. Using a simple but elegantly effective technique, creatives at Hot Tomali in Vancouver, Canada, cause the viewer to visually experience the reality of dyslexia and contemplate its quiet but devastating impact on daily life.

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