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Arizona Department of Health's Tobacco Education Prevention Program:


Riester-Robb, Phoenix

Creative Director: Dave Robb

Art Director: Ben Dveirin

Copywriter: Leslie Wratten

Producer: Louise Parker

Composer/Arranger: Alfonso Conde

It's "a bug's life" vs. the evils of chewing tobacco: the spot switches back and forth from a grasshopper's green point of view to a young ballplayer's.

The grasshopper hops in from the field on a sunny day, through the dugout and onto the sneaker of a young player who just got benched -- along with his plug of chew. The spittling player picks up the spitting insect and stares at it, nose to nose, as the point of view changes to bug's eye view.

"How disgusting," says the ballplayer, staring at the grasshopper's open mouth. "How disgusting," parrots the bug, watching him dribble tobacco juice down his chin.

The animation and camera work won over the judges, who found it funny, clever and wholly original.

Honorable Mentions:

Red Cross: "Finger"

Del Rivero & Messianu, Coral Gables, Fla.

Creative Director: Jose Luis Villa

Art Director: Lou Lozada

Copywriter: Christian Reslen

Producer: Aidita Urra-Alamo

Production Company Director: Jorge Colon, Lecta Films

Composer/Arranger: Alberto Zlesinger, Personal Music

This edgy piece of work opens with a b&w shot of an open hand.

"When we were needed in Croatia, there we were," says the voice-over, as the thumb bends in. "When we were needed in Afghanistan, we were the first ones there," it says, as the pinky joins the thumb. "When we were needed in India, we were there already," it says, as the ring finger goes down. "When we were needed in Central America, we gave our all," as the index bends.

Then, a title card comes up: "And now that we need from you, why do you turn your back on us?" as the hand, middle finger still up, turns to complete the gesture. "Give us a hand, because if it happens to you, we'll be there," the voice-over says, as the hand opens again.

American Cancer Society: "Doctorcita"

American Cancer Society, Illinois Region San Jose & Associates, Chicago

Creative Director: George San Jose

Art Director: Jeannie Rodriguez

Copywriter, Producer: Eduardo Tua

Production Company Director: Luiz Landgraf, Kaizen Entertainment

A girl in a little doctor's costume, the "Doctorcita" of the title, drafts her inattentive father as a patient while he reads the paper.

"The ambulance is here. First, we must check the patient's reflexes," she says, and taps him on the knee. "Now we have to check his little heart," she says, using her plastic stethoscope on her patient.

Next, she picks up a large syringe from her bag and announces: "And now we must perform the prostate exam." Dad nearly jumps from his recliner, newspaper and all.

"A simple blood test can detect prostate cancer," says the title card, and gives the ACS name and phone number.

Working with a very low budget, the agency managed to craft a deceptively simple

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