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After a rather innocuous "Me and my RC" campaign, three new spots from RC Cola declare war on Coke and Pepsi.

Created by GSD&M, Austin, the campaign reminds people they have a choice of colas, but it's a :60, shot by David Wild of Wild Scientific, that takes it to an extreme. It opens on a fishing contest in which Coke and Pepsi are competing, but as the stern faced teams begin baiting cans of cola, it becomes clear they're not after marlins. "For years we've been fed the same old line that there are only two great-tasting colas," says the VO as humans take the bait and are dragged mercilessly through the water. Quite alive, they're netted, hauled aboard and then hung up on the dock by their feet. "Drink RC and look at cola in a whole new way" goes the tag.

The new owners of RC wanted to hike its profile with a provocative campaign, says CW Tom Campion, who teamed with AD Doug Lyon. "We're not making fun of Coke and Pepsi, RC is just another option." Other credits to executive CD Guy Bommarito, CDs David Crawford and Scott Mackey and producer Sally Smith.

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