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Photos: Colorful Creatures of Many Species Turn Out for Confab

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Photography by Scott Gries

Animal ambassadors at the Advertising Age Green Conference included the blue and gold macaw, an endangered species known for gathering in large social groups, which is found in the rainforests of Central and South America. The conference took place Tuesday at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at NYU.

The endangered black and white ruffed lemur, which can be found in Madagascar, has the loudest call among lemurs, audible up to a mile away. The animals were brought to the event by the group Wild Wonders.

The Canadian lynx, one of the four members of the lynx genus, is found mainly in Alaska and Canadian provinces, having been wiped out in the lower 48 states.

The fennec fox, the smallest fox in the world, is found in deserts of North Africa and uses its large ears to hear insects under the sand.

The black-footed penguin, also known as the 'jackass' penguin due to its braying sound, is found in the vicinity of South Africa's Cape of Good Hope and uses its wings to swim instead of fly.

Tess Kander, marketing communications manager, Mediaedge:cia, and Pat Petriello, account coordinator-Green Dog.

(From l.) Mark Musters, Studio Mamu; Kim Daleo, marketing coordinator, Discovery Communications; James Lavallee, director-ad sales marketing, Discovery Networks; and Collette Winn, ad sales marketing manager, Discovery Networks.

Tim Wirtz, VP-account supervisor, Hoffman York; and Marlania Quinana, account supervisor-PR, Hoffman York.

(From l.) Don Carli, senior research fellow, Institute for Sustainable Communication; Stan Kaczmarek, PE-environmental engineeering and science, Green Team; and Hugh Hough, partner and president, Green Team.

Martin Katz, director of marketing, Bennett Wright Branded Environments; and Stephanie Corrado, Futerra Sustainability Communications.

Alex Raicherter, business analyst, Univision; and Michelle Mendoza, director of strategic planning partnership marketing, Univision.

(From l.) Joyce Pedretti, associate creative director, Y&R NY; Trent Bigelow, chief brand evangelist, Climate Clean; and E. B. Moss, principal, Moss Appeal.

Bret Barasch, project director, Onward Publishing/National Geographic; and Christeen Willcocks, East Coast sales director, Onward Publishing/National Geographic.
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