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The Bob Hope Desert Classic may be extinct by the year 2750-although Hope may still be alive-but certain golf accessories will not, according to a forward-looking Footjoy golfing gloves spot from Arnold Fortuna Lawner & Cabot, Boston.

The scene is an archaeological dig in 28th century Palm Springs, Calif. A group of strangely cloaked scientists are excavating a desert site when they stumble across a corroded set of golf clubs, some tees and a bucket of golf balls from the distant past. With the help of their laser sensor, they also manage to dig up a golfing glove that looks as soft and supple as the day it was buried. After trying it on, one of the scientists sets up a tee and fakes a swing.

Jake Scott, who directed the spot through RSA/Los Angeles, also designed the costumes, taking wardrobe tips from the African Masai tribe. This, more than the fact that the spot wasn't filmed on a golf course, really made the client nervous, according to art director Dick Davis, who teamed with copywriter Bob Minihan and creative director Ron Lawner. "They really wanted the actors to wear khaki shorts and skirts," he says.

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