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Heinz Ketchup: "Issues" :30

Leo Burnett USA, Chicago

Director: Kevin Smith, Backyard Productions

Hyper-realism at work. In TV commercial production, the food stylist is king. Stylists spend hours, and a hefty chunk of a production budget, to make the "hero" product looks sparkling, fresh and appetizing. Heinz breaks all the rules here and scores extra points for being honest to boot. Ketchup is not only slow, it looks like hell, the way it coagulates on the lip of the bottle. Burnett creatives understand if any product can be considered an "icon" for the real world, it's ketchup. This spot cuts dangerously close to becoming cute, with its voice-over: "This part of the ketchup has issues, this part of the ketchup will never be completely understood."


Heinz Ketchup: "Rude" :30

Leo Burnett USA, Chicago

Director: Kevin Smith, Backyard Productions

Anthropomorphism at work. It's about time they copped to it. Ketchup is rude! But wait, the image here is a little unsettling. This guy holds the bottle vertical, spout aiming downward at the burger, and he just waits. No self-respecting ketchup consumer just waits. Slap it, man! That paste will flow like blood. A great campaign, despite a few shortcomings.

M&M Mars: "Switch" :30

BBDO Worldwide, New York

Directors: Thom Higgins, RSA/USA and Kirk Kelly, Will Vinton Studios

The challenge of this campaign, according to a statement supplied by the agency, "was going to be minimizing cannibalization whilst making Crispy the third leg on the M&M's stool." Whoever says BBDO has lost its edge should check out this spot. What you have here are animated Plain, Peanut and Crispy M&M's snacking on their little brothers. "Don't eat your own kind," says a guy who walks in on the feast, "It's unnatural." The animated candies then switch bags and munch on their cousins. This is a blatant example of cold-blooded creativity. This brand, under BBDO's sure hand, has come a long way from the days of promoting sugar coatings, "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand."

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