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Can You Tell Which Brands Are Behind These Sports-Themed Spots?

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Fast-paced, thumping music. A slow-motion shot of sweat dripping down an athlete's face. Abstract imagery to convey speed of motion. Thanks to the Olympics, the ever-familiar tropes of sports and sports-related ads are coming at us fast and furiously, so how easy is it for viewers to distinguish the various brands that this flurry of advertising supports?

In the spirit of the Games we thought it might be time to put you to the test as well. Below, find a selection of athletically-minded ads--with the taglines cut off. Can you guess, by their imagery alone, what brands the ads are for? Some have been airing during the Olympics, but we've thrown in a few others to make the challenge more interesting. Check them out, make a guess and then use your cursor to highlight the text below each one to find the answers. Answers, and links to the full spots, are also at the bottom of the page.

Got submissions of your own? Send them over to us at [email protected].

1.United Airlines


3.New Balance

4.New Balance


6.Easton Sports

7.Dick's Sporting Goods

8. Champs

9. Jordan Brand

10. NBA


12. NFL

1. United Airlines: Pole Vault

2. GlaxoSmithKline: Drugs. Watch the full spot here.

3. Adidas: Great Britain Take the Stage. Watch it here.

4. New Balance: Minimus. Watch it here. 5. Nike : Fast is Faster. Watch it here.

6. Easton Sports: Inside Out. Watch it here.

7. Dick's Sporting Goods: Untouchable. Watch it here.

8. Champs: Hook it Up. Watch it here.

9. Jordan Brand: Airborne. Watch it here.

10. NBA: Big Miami Heat. Watch it here.

11. AT&T: Warming Up. Watch it here.

12. NFL: Wind Beneath My Wings. Watch it here.

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