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Special K "For Our Daughters"

Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago

Director: Paul Dektor, Dektor Film

DiSesa: Someone at Kellogg is starting to get it. This is a killer spot, and it's so simple: an adorable little girl (I'm guessing 18 months old) is prancing in front of a mirror, discovering her body, mugging to the camera. It's black and white with a familiar music track. Supers ask, "How will she feel about her body? It depends on the example she's given." It works. This spot has been on early morning TV and I stop what I'm doing to watch it.

Ian: A true rarity: a provocative cereal ad.

Independent Film Channel "Brendan"

Agency: IFC & Hungry Man

Director: David Levin, Hungry Man

DiSesa: This is one spot from a hilarious campaign. Boris is the Russian instructor for Film 101, and in each spot he berates would-be filmmakers about the difference between indie films (good) and Hollywood films (bad). There's an excellent use of celebrities in all the spots. This particular spot uses Brendan Fraser, who can make a movie for me anytime. These spots are fresh and very entertaining. I probably enjoy watching them more than I enjoy independent films.

Ian: Boris asks for an example of a good love story. One student names Titanic. Boris ridicules her. Brendan Fraser then says Chasing Amy. Boris tells the first student to "learn from Brendan." This spot is nicely written and directed, and I must give Mr. Fraser's performance kudos as well. Good work, Brendan. Why wasn't Airheads this funny? Finally, as a consumer, I like that the IFC can take a little dig at the simplistic notion that films made by big studios are garbage, while all "indie" films are works of high art.

K2 skis "Your Momma's a Mountain"

Agency: Hammerquist & Halverson, Seattle

DiSesa: This is a beautiful piece of art, though I haven't the foggiest idea what the ad is trying to communicate. It's a colorful illustration of a babe suckling the tip of a snow-covered mountain. The copy reads, "When you get hungry, she'll nourish you with an all-you-can-eat powdered milk buffet. Then she'll burp you on her backside. That's love." I get the powder reference (new snow), but not the rest. You know what? I don't care. It looks good and my husband assures me that they are great skis.

Ian: This spread features an illustration of a baby sucking on a mountain (like a breast) with a headline that pays off the tag: "Your mama's a mountain." I'm not sure this is the best execution for what is an interesting idea.

Nina DiSesa is chairman/chief creative officer at McCann-Erickson/New York.

Matt Ian is a copywriter at TBWA/Chiat Day/New York.

Sprite "Moviemakers"

Agency: Lowe & Partners/SMS/New York

Director: Baker Smith, Tate & Partners

DiSesa: Movie executives are pitching promotional ideas for a film about a slug. They have the Slug poster and themeline, Slug action figure, Slug taco, Slug slippers, music video, and my personal favorites: Slug slush and Slug-on- a-stick. When asked about the actual movie, one exec says, "Oh, we can bang a script out in a week or so." As usual: "Image is nothing. Thirst is everything." This is a very funny spot. Nobody ever drinks a Sprite in the spot, yet it makes me want one. I think it's because all the slugs in the slug paraphernalia are green. Mmmmmm.

Ian: This spot beautifully pokes fun at the fact that some "blockbusters" are really just excuses to peddle crap (cross-reference: Phantom Menace). Nice casting. And, as a consumer, the spot solidifies "Image is nothing" in my mind, thusly becoming a memorable addition to a campaign that started out a little sleepy, but has since come to life.

Goodwill Industries "No Stigma"

Agency: Bender Browning Dolby & Sanderson, Milwaukee

Director: Dave Gilo, Milwaukee

DiSesa: This is a simple :15 that shows a hat on a mannequin for $2.99 and a business suit on another mannequin for $12.99. The line is, "There's no stigma attached. Just a really nice price tag." It's shot well, but I still think there's a stigma attached, even though I have personally donated some pretty extravagant clothes to Goodwill.

Ian: The idea of inexpensive clothes with no pretense is definitely conveyed, but I think the "no stigma" idea is worth further exploration.

Jet Moto 3 "Police Bust Max"

Agency: Butler, Shine & Stern, Sausalito

Director: Lloyd Stein, Epoch Films

DiSesa: I had to watch this spot three times to get it, and if people say it's because I'm not the target I will have to shoot them. Here's the plot: A Jet Moto 3 computer game character is a real person here and is being confronted by a police officer for excessive speeding. He tries to make a break for it and gets caught. I thought the live-TV/violence style was a little derivative of the Jack-In-The-Box campaign. The copy says, "Pure adrenaline and insane speed without the tickets." I didn't mind watching it three times, and I was very pleased with myself once I got it.

Ian: Shot in the style of Cops, this spot opens on an officer interrogating the Jet Moto character, who then flees the scene. This second great spot for Jet Moto (the first was Chiat/L.A.'s "Old Lady") is well researched. A good deal of Cops must have been watched before shooting it (it looks authentic), before casting it (all the characters are spot-on) and before writing it (the dialogue

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