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Koichiro Fujii


Nissan Motor Co.

A lthough Nissan and Hakuhodo have always enjoyed a long and close business relationship, this relationship took on special meaning when Hakuhodo was designated Nissan's exclusive advertising agency in 1992. We decided to

award Hakuhodo exclusive agency status so they could assume responsibility for Nissan's total communications rather than just creative direction and media buying.

In the car market it takes many years of image building to win the trust of the customer. We are, therefore, convinced that advertising activities are

an integral part of the marketing field. For advertising to be considered an effective business tool and a prudent investment, a company must join forces with a reliable partner who is willing to take the time to achieve lasting results.

This is the reason Nissan chose Hakuhodo, and we have never regretted our decision. Their advertising activities for Cefiro and subsequent products have been particularly impressive, and the fact is, Hakuhodo efforts have energized our sales network and opened our customers' eyes to the vitality

of Nissan products.

What we expect from our advertising agency are innovative proposals that focus more on consumer viewpoints than on concepts of the manufacturer. We will, therefore, continue to look to Hakuhodo to provide us with a bold and objective view on the consumer market.

Makoto Shimofuku

General Manager

Overseas Advertising Division

NEC Corp.

My first meeting with Hakuhodo was at the Davis Cup finals between Australia and Sweden in 1983 in Melbourne, Australia. As I was in charge

of sales at that time, my thoughts were constantly on how I could sell more.

NEC came to prominence as the title sponsor of the Davis Cup at a time when our operations were flourishing in Australia, the country that loves tennis. Wherever you looked, the NEC logo was there-on the court, on TV,

in newspapers and magazines.

The popularity of NEC in Australia coincided with the introduction of personal equipment, which was well received in the private-use market. Furthermore, the success of the "Aucker-mura" TV commercial series created in cooperation with Hakuhodo-together with the increased awareness rate that resulted from NEC's title sponsorship of the Davis Cup-added to NEC's overwhelming popularity.

The NEC name enjoyed an unaided awareness of 55% and an amazing 99.2% on an aided basis. As a result, sales in Australia also doubled year after year for the next five to six years.

These activities can be better described as having a cumulative effect rather than just a synergistic effect. Since 1992, I have myself become involved in advertising for NEC. Although I am still guided by the power

of sales over advertising, I always look back on Hakuhodo's efforts in Australia as a prime example of the might of advertising.

Shoh Nakajima

General Manager

Advertising Dept.

Ajinomoto Co.

I first heard the name Hakuhodo in 1963 when Ajinomoto, as part of its efforts to develop its soup business, established a joint-venture company (Ajinomoto Knorr) with CPC International of the U.S. At that time, we chose Hakuhodo as our partner for the marketing and communications activities.

In 1960, Hakuhodo and American ad agency McCann-Erickson established McCann-Erickson Hakuhodo (dissolved last April), and then Hakuhodo was a pioneer among Japanese agencies in incorporating modern marketing

techniques. Accordingly, we felt that Hakuhodo was the best partner for our joint-venture soup company. When I was in charge of the soup business in the 1970s, I saw first hand the superiority of Hakuhodo's marketing and communications abilities.

Currently I come into contact with Hakuhodo as general manager of

Ajinomoto's advertising department. I am one of many who were truly

impressed with Hakuhodo's full-service system covering all areas from

product development to communications activities.

Keiji Nagata

Director and Division

General Manager

Public Relations &

Advertising Division

Canon Sales Co.

My relationship with Hakuhodo goes back 14 years. Having returned to Japan after spending eight years as the Canon USA advertising manager, I was so kindly taught the ins and outs of the Japanese advertising scene by the people at Hakuhodo. Back then Canon had already adopted the account

executive system, which was still uncommon in Japan; so saying, it was probably a Japanese-modified version of the account executive system. Hakuhodo handled the product category of office automation while Dentsu was in charge of cameras. I found it very interesting to compare the two agencies. A particularly striking characteristic was how aggressively Hakuhodo was competing against Dentsu, the largest advertising agency in the industry. That vitality manifested itself in everything Hakuhodo did-its media planning, promotion planning and creative.

Accordingly, when Canon wanted to try something new and detailed, we found we worked best with Hakuhodo. That tradition is still alive and well at Hakuhodo. All of us at Canon are pleased with our fine partnership with Hakuhodo.

Takao Kondo


Budweiser Japan Co.

On behalf on all of us at Budweiser Japan Co., I would like to offer our warmest congratulations to Hakuhodo on its 100th anniversary.

Budweiser has been with Hakuhodo since 1981. Initially, there was no budget for TV commercials. But Hakuhodo produced unique, fresh, eye-catching print ads for Budweiser, with attention-grabbing big label graphics.

The ads created tremendous brand awareness. Budweiser soon became popular among trendy young Japanese, and the No. 1 international brand. In fact, the big label campaign was so effective Budweiser adapted it for the U.S. and other parts of Asia.

Over the years, Hakuhodo has played a vital role in Budweiser's progress in Japan. Together, Hakuhodo's Bud team and our marketing group make a winning team that has brought us far since those early days.

Today, Hakuhodo still creates Budweiser advertising with impact. They continue to play an important role in Budweiser becoming a mainstream brand in Japan.

No doubt much has changed for Hakuhodo over the past 100 years. But I hope the agency's ability to creatively solve problems never changes. We at Budweiser Japan look forward to celebrating many anniversaries with our friends at Hakuhodo.

Hironobu Hamada

Executive Vice President

Kodansha Ltd.

On behalf of Kodansha, I would like to congratulate Hakuhodo on its

100th anniversary.

Human relations such as those between a man and a woman or a manager and

a worker are based on the ability to get along. Likewise, companies face

the issue of compatability when doing business with each other. In the

case of Kodansha and Hakuhodo, this means the compatability between advertiser and agency, plus media company and agency.

I believe mutual understanding and respect to be vital in the long-term health of a close and established relationship. In human relations,

success depends on mutual understanding and respect for the other's character; in business, on mutual understanding and respect for a

company's essential character.

Celebrating 100 years in business, Hakuhodo has grown from a small operation limited to handling advertisements in print media into one of

the world's most eminent full-service advertising agencies. I believe the result of this to be a distinct corporate character in Hakuhodo-a

character reflecting Hakuhodo's understanding of the publishing industry's role in society as well as its desire to contribute to the development of

a publishing culture.

As both an advertiser who inserts book and magazine advertisements in newspapers and as a media company publishing a diverse range of magazines and placing a multitude of product and service advertisements, we at Kodansha feel strongly that we have a reliable and compatible partner in Hakuhodo now and for the future.

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