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Chiat/Day/New York rekindles the zaniness of the acclaimed "Human Cartoons" Nynex Yellow Pages campaign by bringing back British director Kevin Godley, working through London's Medialab and Chelsea Pictures in New York, for a new crop of commercials, this time with far more elaborate comic sketches.

In one :30, for example, a medieval warrior storming a castle charges up a ladder next to a freshly painted wall. Upon reaching the top, the brute holds up his palms in dismay and shrilly complains to the defenders about the lack of a Wet Paint sign. "I'm supposed to be storming a village in Gaul tomorrow and I have absolutely nothing to wear!" The Yellow Pages' listing on Dry Cleaners is followed by the explanatory tag, "More information. More solutions. More stuff."

In another spot, a costume/makeup tour de force that highlights private investigator services, Mrs. Dumpty listens to a toy soldier dick who reveals that Humpty might have been shoved off the wall. The quirky sketches and different filmic styles are a way "to give each spot its own personality," says AD Steve Sweitzer, who teamed with writer Bob Rice. And Rice offers this remarkable explanation of how he came up with the idea for the campaign: "I suddenly had an erection and fell out of my chair." That must be the "More

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