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Straw-Mouthed Girl
Marketer: Hardees
Brand: Hardees Double Burger
Title: "Straw Girl"
Agency: Mendelsohn/Zien, Los Angeles

In a straightforward ad-as-carnival-geek-show act, Hardees lets us watch an attractive women cramming her mouth full of plastic straws. Very tiny screen type warns viewers: 'Demonstration only. Do not attempt.' So how many children do YOU think will be cramming their cheeks full of plastic straws after they see this one?

Break-Dancing Santa
Marketer: Circuit City
Brand: Circuit City
Title: "Dancing Santa"
Agency: Doner Advertising, Southfield, Mich.

The ad agency that gave us the dancing octogenarian 'Mr. Six' for Six Flags theme parks now gives us a break-dancing Santa Claus for Circuit City. And we must say, old Kriss Kringle certainly gets the moves on, heavy boots and all.

Dead Sports Fan
Marketer: DirecTV
Brand: DirectTV
Title: "Vase"
Agency: BBDO, New York

This commercial stars a dead sports fan. We watch him get killed and then ascend to heaven -- which looks exactly like his living room with a DirecTV feed pumping 40 NBA games a week to his TV screen. Talk about programming to die for.

Restaurant Games
Marketer: Nintendo
Brand: Nintendo DS
Title: "Gravy"
Agency: Leo Burnett USA, Chicago

Aimed at hard-core gamers, Nintendo's new TV ads hype its just-released Nintendo DS, the new handheld gaming system that includes wireless communications. Individuals who are so disposed can walk through daily life text chatting and playing games anywhere -- including restaurants -- with other owners of the same wireless model.

Dave Thomas Lives
Marketer: Wendy's International
Brand: Wendy's
Title: "Anniversary"
Agency: McCann Erickson

Consigning its odd and short-lived 'Mr. Wendy' character to the debris heap, the restaurant chain has returned to the best Mr. Wendy its ever had -- founder Dave Thomas. Dead but not forgotten, Mr. Thomas is shown in a collage of snapshots to once again rule as Wendy's premiere advertising icon.

Spy vs. Spy
Marketer: Mountain Dew
Brand: Mountain Dew
Title: "Dynamite"
Agency: BBDO, New York

Back to stalking each other as ineffectively as ever are the 'Spy vs. Spy' protagonists. They're not competing for hidden microfilm or secret codes but rather a cool can of Mountain Dew. A real dynamite spot.

Road Toys
Marketer: Peugeot
Brand: Peugeot 407 SW
Title: "Toys"
Agency: BETC Euro RSCG, Paris

Produced for the French market, this spot clogs the roads with toy cars of regular car size, some of them with gigantic windup keys. Others park in garages that are actually large cardboard and cellophane toy boxes. The point, of course, is that the Peugeot 407 SW is the only REAL vehicle out there.

Suction Salesman
Marketer: Dyson
Brand: Dyson Vacuum Cleaners
Title: "Different"
Agency: Fallon, Minneapolis

Peter Dyson relates how he spent 14 years designing the Dyson Cyclone vacuum cleaner, which, he says, generates '100,000 times the force of gravity to spin the dirt out of the air.' And regardless of what it actually DOES, the product looks great. In fact, a Dyson Cyclone was just added to the design collection of New York's newly reopened Museum of Modern Art.

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