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Recreating "horrific Saturday nights" was easy, jokes BBDO/New York copywriter Kevin Moehlenkamp. "You just draw from your past." He's talking about the inspiration for a series of :30s that promotes HBO's new movie every Saturday night as a viable alternative to dating.

Directed by Propaganda's Michael Bay, the spots focus on annoying individuals that stalk the singles scene, including a woman who blathers nonstop and dweebs who spew a litany of cliched pickup lines. "Has Saturday night lost its magic?" asks a VO in one spot as a manic John Travolta wannabe flails on the dance floor. "Come on, come on, me and you," he begs, discoing wildly. "Come take a chance with me." In another spot, a cowboy croons to the camera, "Honey, whadaya say, you and me dance, huh?" Strutting bow legged, he tries again, "Darlin' you got a real purty face." "You just might want to stay in on Saturday nights," warns the tag. Noting that people feel pressured to go out, "I think we tapped into those moments" that go awry, says art director Tom Giovagnoli. Other credits to creative director John Colquhoun and editors at Crew Cuts, New York.

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