Heineken Amps Up Its 'Legends' Campaign With 20-Faced Hero

W+K Amsterdam and Tom Kuntz Add a Lot More Personality to Popular Character

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When Heineken introduced "The Entrance" back in 2011, it put a new face of sophistication and cool on beer advertising. The film starred a suave gentleman who walks into a grand party hall, inspiring revelry amongst onlookers with each and every step. Since then, the beer brand has delivered a number of these dashing heroes, including one with some serious James Bond flair, but now, it brings a new face -- make that 20 faces -- to its main man, in this new film that recently appeared on the brand's YouTube channel.

In the blockbuster spot, created out of Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam and directed by MJZ's Tom Kuntz, a hirsute stowaway climbs onto a luxury cruise ship, and, like previous Heineken heroes, places a mysterious spell on the crowds around him. He limbos, gets lei'd, performs a swan dive, caws to a seagull, dances in conga line, primps and goes through several changes of clothing as he makes his way about the ship.

It's a familiar storyline, only this time, you'll notice there's something peculiar about this gent, as face -- and body -- morph with almost every scene. At first, the transformation is almost imperceptible, but as the ad progresses the changes become more obvious -- whether it's in the structure of his mug or in the color of his skin. It seems for a moment that our new hero must be a shape-shifter extraordinaire.

The film suggests a bigger campaign platform awaits, directing viewers to "meet our legends" at youtube.com/heineken.

The spot debuted during the advertising chaos that is Super Bowl week, and a version would have made a worthy addition to Sunday's lineup, but, alas, Anheuser-Busch InBev is the Super Bowl's exclusive beer sponsor.

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