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Contest #453: What the hell does the country have against evangelist Billy Graham? According to a study conducted by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ranks as the most unpopular charity and/or non-profit organization in America (National Rifle Association was a close second). Billy doesn't need a donation to further his spiritual cru-sade; he needs a marketing plan. T.N.T.ers: come up with the next marketing-advertising-public relations effort to redeem Billy Graham's image.

And now for the results of Contest #449: We asked you for the next ad campaign that finally rescues the Bud Light desert island castaways:

First Prize: Bud Light bottle washes ashore. The castaways open it and out pops oddly familiar dweebish genie, his face obscured by magic smoke. The three wishes? A lifetime supply of Bud Light; a boat; and LADIES! But the five ladies that materialize are the guys-in-drag from previous commercials. "You must be new at this," the castaways tell the genie. The magic smoke clears, and the genie responds, "Yes, I am." Mike & Karen Albert, husband-and-wife copywriters-in-training, University of Florida.

Second Prize: The Taster's Choice couple, on their yacht, happen upon the castaways. The couple, seeking respite from the unending torrent of visiting brothers, sons and ex-spouses, decide to switch places with the Bud buddies to do the Blue Lagoon thing. The castaways sail away to the nearest Ikea for yacht furnishings and live happily ever after. Bob Canning, senior copywriter, Buena Vista Home Video, Burbank, Calif.

Third Prize: Who will rescue the Bud Light castaways? None other than Pamela Anderson, David Hasselhoff and the rest of the "Baywatch" cast. Hardbodies meet beer bellies in a dramatic rescue mission-L.A. style. The castaways join the cast as a Bud Light-sponsored two-man beach volleyball team. Lisa Baggerman, senior editor, Art Materials Today, Cincinnati.

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