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The prize: Two million of those pink "While You Were Out" pads that no one uses anymore. The ad: This thinking man's latrine for Echobuzz. The verdict: The Tidy-Bowl Man. The Ty-De-Bowl Man. The Tie-D-Bowl Man. The Ti-Dee-Bowl Man. The Tye-Dee-Bowl Man. We got a stallful of such responses, and not a single one of you got it right: Ty-D-Bol, for the love of God! We've turned all your names over to the trademark police, so you'd better get your papers in order.

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Kihm D. Winship -- [email protected]

Good guess, Kihm, but this is more likely a scene from Billy Blanks' new Tae Bowl tape.

You know how you can hear the sea if you hold a conch shell up to your ear? You can produce a similar effect by tying a toilet bowl to your forehead.

Cynthia Maniglia -- [email protected]

Cyn, we tried this with a New York bowl, but it sounded more like the A train during rush hour. The smell was right, though.

An expert bit of retouching saves the general public from seeing this man dressed in a studded leather-and-latex captain's uniform, brandishing a blue scented whip in one hand and a can of canola oil in the other.

David Newton -- [email protected]

Isn't that better than seeing him with his shirt off?

I didn't know Marlon Brando did ads. Do you guys have his agent's number?

J. Frederick -- [email protected]

Sorry, Brando hasn't got an agent anymore. He ate him.

This guy wasn't too well during the photo shoot; he was feeling a little flush in the face.

Rich Bennett -- [email protected]

Rich, you're our kind of guy. Come over anytime for an icy pitcher of Vanish martinis.

Parapsychological studies have proven porcelain is a great amplifier of telepathic abilities, thus making it possible for someone to receive any message regardless of whether the sender is in our physical reality or beyond.

Karin Odell -- [email protected]

Thanks for the tip, Karin. We're in the men's room all day now, having a torrid mindmail affair with Shirley MacLaine.

Someone has finally come up with a voicemail product loud enough to be heard by people who suffer from the hearing loss that occurs with 'rope burn ear.' Every time I try the 'head-head hoist,' I experience profound hearing loss.

Bill Murphy -- [email protected]


Shampoo-induced orgasms in gas station bathrooms. Ex-senators pushing boner pills. Fragrance bottle intercourse. And now an attempt to foist voicemail on the sex-crazed public. We must stop the perversity before the world degenerates into a twisted, racy place where entire campaigns revolve around the word shag.

Jefferson Kiely -- [email protected]

Fragrance bottle intercourse? Yeah, baby! Shalimar-idelic!

That's the professional wrestler who was in charge of Owen Hart's rappel line. He now grapples in this mask to avoid being recognized.

Craig Morgan

[email protected]

You must be talking about Flusher Verdu. The weird thing is, when he does an airplane spin in Australia, he goes counterclockwise.

Cold porcelain is a wonderful hangover remedy.

Jack Helder -- [email protected]

Sure, Jack. And standing barefoot for 10 hours in a urinal is great for fallen arches.

This man has a shameful fetish. He likes to be tied up with a toilet bowl pressed against his pate. Echobuzz allows him to contact his providers in secret.

Shana Lory -- [email protected]

Shana, as a woman, you should know that the only shameful thing about this fetish is he doesn't put the damn seat down.

He asked his HMO dentist for porcelain bonding.

Allen Gallehugh -- [email protected]

Al, you've got big wisdom teeth. Just the other day we asked our HMO dentist what we should do for gingivitis, and he said, "Simple: switch to vodka." You can keep the two million pads. We can't find any homeless men here -- they've all gone to the Hamptons till Labor Day.

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