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The prize: Two tons of golden niblets corn. The ad: This mother's big helper for Green Giant Create a Meal. The verdict: We asked you to name the Jolly Green Giant's father. Instead, you complained about his skimpy outfit and his facelift, speculated about his personal endowments, made off-color ho-ho-ho jokes and insulted his bastard son, Sprout. When you did bother to name the father, it was invariably the Incredible Hulk. Kermit the Frog is mighty PO'd, people.

He's packing some serious stringbean. You've got to have a set of brussels sprouts to walk around in that crazy getup.

Brendon Blake -- [email protected]

Brendon, he's 50 feet tall and his arms are bigger than his head. Who's gonna tell him he looks like a schmuck?

What's the deal with those leafy things on his feet?

Adam Bailine -- [email protected]

He ordered a special pair of Jolly Jordans in size 90, Adam, but Nike's still working on 'em. Those Indonesian 12-year-olds they have to use now don't sew as fast as the 8-year-olds did.

Mother Nature knows first hand that good things come from the freezer, including the sperm for her jolly green offspring, donated by the Incredible Hulk.

B. Jordan -- [email protected]

Being the most far-fetched, this is the one Incredible Hulk entry we'll run. So you're suggesting that during one of his insane shirt-busting rages, the Hulkster dropped in at the local Mr. Wiggly, picked up a Barely Legal and decided to bruce his banner in the deposit room? Why are we having trouble with this, B.?

His Greenness was obviously the result of a union between Mother Nature and Father Time, since he hasn't aged a day in 30 years.

Tom Federico -- [email protected]

Father Time? John Cameron Swayze? Impossible, he only takes lickings.

The Brawny paper towel guy is probably his father. He's huge, and he looks like the type that would get Mother Nature drunk at a corporate mascot convention . . .

Derek Manke -- [email protected]

Huge? Derek, are you confusing him with Dinty Moore? Or do you know him better than we do?

The father is Shecky Greene.

Jason Fox -- [email protected]

Thank you for taking the trouble to name a father, Jason, but we're sure the late, great Shecky would never consort with a crazy shiksa.

Since the Giant looks even younger now than he did in the '80s, I'd say Michael Jackson is the father. But since the Giant's still green, I guess Michael's off the hook.

Wade Summerlin -- [email protected]

Wade, we're parboiling mad. You supplied your own punchline. Get us two first-class seats to the Valley to make amends.

It would appear that Mr. Jolly Green has suffered from a slight Oedipus complex. Having offed his father, he then settled down with Mother Nature. Not realizing that Mother Nature was really his mother, he then became the proud father of Sprout . . .

Graham Hayes -- [email protected]

Mr. Pants? You own the Hayes Group, right, Graham? You see, guys? This is what happens when you open your own company. You get to call yourself Mr. Pants, and no one reports you to Human Resources. Do you have a male assistant, Graham? Is he Mr. Jockstrap?

Debate on the Green Giant's genesis is bitterly divided between two schools of thought: spontaneous creation and a Mother Nature lovers' tryst. Both sides have dubbed their theories The Big Bang.

Kyle Curtis -- [email protected]

Well, that at least would explain why so many people think his package is an infinitely expanding universe.

"Behind this bag of frozen vegetables lies the most advanced root system you'll ever see."

Robyn Schrimpshire -- [email protected]

You really fell for this pickup line, Robyn? We heard he's into rough sex. Did he give you cauliflower ears? We'll let you win and you can even have the corn, on one condition: You must give us a full report on your night with His Jollity. We want all the side dish. This Month's Contest

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