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It took more than two all-beef patties to build a better burger. The real meat behind the creation of McDonald's Corp.'s Big Mac came from an innovative Pittsburgh franchisee and its ad agency, then called Marc & Co.

In 1967, McDonald's 25 cent hamburger was fueling U.S. sales, but results in the Pittsburgh area trailed the national average by 15%. Marc was brought in to work on a solution. A market research study determined the problem was two-fold: Pittsburgh men felt the small burger wasn't substantial enough for them, so they avoided taking their families to the fast-food chain. Pittsburgh consumers, as a whole, also preferred mayonnaise dressing instead of a ketchup topping on their burger.

The Marc agency team worked with franchisee Jim Delligatti to cook up the solution -- a double-decker, mayo-garnished burger -- that was dubbed the Big Mac Super Sandwich. McDonald's ponied up $5,000 to run a test market campaign and within one year, sales in the area increased to 15% above the national average. Today, approximately 600 million Big Macs are consumed annually in the

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