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In a true example of a cross-cultural marketing program, Hertz Paris has created a new service in which passengers traveling through Eurotunnel can exit their right-hand steering car in the U.K. and hop into a left-hand steering auto in France.

Le Swap is a new program from Hertz Paris that is trying to cash in on the excitement surrounding the opening of Eurotunnel's high-speed Eurostar service linking Paris, London and Brussels.

The package includes round-trip fare for the Le Shuttle passenger train that carries passengers between the coastal towns of Calais, France, and Folkestone, England.

The car-swap and single passenger round-trip train ticket will cost $472 per weekend during the summer and holidays, and $361 in the off-season. When Le Shuttle can be purchased separately, the Le Swap offer will be made at those points as well.

The Le Swap campaign from BDDP, Paris, will consist of ads in travel magazines and outdoor advertising and boards in airports and train stations.

Company officials say Hertz has set the relatively low target of 5,000 takers for 1994, due to the late start of the tunnel's inauguration.

The delays were caused by a combination of financial instability, leaks in the tunnel and breakdowns during test runs.

Eurotunnel, the Anglo-French company that owns the tunnel, meanwhile, started its first ad campaign for the Eurostar service last week, a $4.5 million effort through from Young & Rubicam U.K.

Print ads and outdoor boards announcing Eurostar's initial phase, the Discovery Service, began earlier this month in the U.K., France and Belgium.

U.K. national newspaper ads feature photographs of famous London landmarks, and outdoor boards announce in large-size, run-together type phrases such as "BIGCAPITALSJOINEDUP." TV is planned for next year.

At the same time, BMP DDB Needham Worldwide, Paris has postponed the ad for Le Shuttle following Eurotunnel's restructuring of its marketing department last month.

"We have not even booked media yet," said Anthony Kleanthous, BMP account manager.

Eurotunnel expects the motorist-and-vehicle carrying service to be approved by the Safety Authority, a U.K. government body, within a couple of weeks.

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