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MARKETER: Ticketmaster Online

WHERE TO FIND IT: my.ticketmaster.com

CRITIQUE: Ticketmaster Online has teamed up with Intel Corp. and other technology partners to create what really is a great high-end, high-bandwidth Web application-with some problems.

It is a sexy sell for people who a) want tickets to an event and are willing to pay $5 in fees for the "convenience" of buying a $6 Cubs ticket online, b) own high-end computers with Intel inside, c) use recent browsers and d) spend some time downloading lots of software. The site lets them: personalize their page, sift the database to find tickets, see a 3-D photo of the venue or take a VRML look at the view from their very own seat.

Which, granted, is darn cool. So where does it go wrong?

First, the demographic most likely to take the time to set this up attends more rock concerts than operas, right? The application is great for the theater and some sporting events, but concerts tend to sell out too quickly to take advantage of a see-your-seat service.

Then there's the personalized page that only shows your indicated interests. If you prefer sports, you will not see theater events even if you click on them. Oops.

Finally, there's the Mac-based demographic, which can't even use all of these features. The Mac-based Cyber Critique staff is sick of the monopolistic view that doesn't see that single platform products are not good for business-and we buy a LOT of tickets.

WHO CREATED IT: Ticketmaster with Intel Corp., Santa Clara, Calif., and design

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