High time for Trump to catch a cab at the curb

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It's time for Trump to take a hike.

A sound 69% of respondents to Advertising Age's poll say it's time for NBC to give Donald his walking papers. The most popular reasons why include repetitive format, the prevalence of petty interpersonal fights, the product placement and the addition of his family members to the scene.

Dustin Staiger, principal owner of People Brand marketing and ad agency in Tulsa, Okla., knocked the product-driven tasks. "The challenges have become more about product placement than about relevance. As a business person, you ask what these challenges really tell you about a person's capability to run one of Trump's companies."

Some readers think there's hope for the show ... if changes can be made.

"Mr. Trump and his partner, Mark Burnett, need only revise and revamp the property properly to regain audience interest and ratings," said Rick Novak, Chicago-based marketing consultant for Natural Resources.

Hung Pham, Community Outreach Assistant for Alternatives Unlimited in Whitinsville, Mass., said "of late, the tasks are just reiterations of the previous seasons with more and more emphasis on product placement."

But 31% of respondents stand up for the show. "I'm back into the show after not watching since the first season. Trump cracks me up, he's truly an entertaining character," said Sean Stevenson, advertising-sales rep at Maiorana & Partners of Royal Oak, Mich. "'The Apprentice' is an amazing format that is interesting, " said Jorg Dietzel, brand consultant in Singapore, though he added, "It is time to tweak the concept to keep it fresh and surprising."

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