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Hey Bill Gates, what pisses you off? That was one of the queries Donny Deutsch lobbed to the Microsoft chairman as he taped his CNBC show "The Big Idea" at the summit. Below are a few of the interview's highlights; for the full thing tune in tonight. Oh yeah, and what does piss him off? "Not much." It's good to be Gates.

Closest Gates got to slamming the government:

Deutsch: "You're living the ultimate American dream. You're the world's richest man. ... When the president comes over here from China he meets with you first before he goes to the White House."

Gates: "That's because we gave him a dinner."

Best understatement:

Gates, when asked by Deutsch if it's ever tough being the richest man alive: "Well, it's a fun ... situation."

Most awkward question:

Deutsch to Gates: "What's on your iPod?"

Gates: "I don't have an iPod. A phone is a nice portable device to have your music on. Maybe some other people will think so too in the future."

On Bill Gates for president:

"I certainly will never be a politician ... for every reason. I wouldn't be elected, I'm better at what I'm doing. Whether it's time spent on Microsoft or the foundation... I'm going to stick to what I know."

Gloomiest outlook:

WPP Chairman-CEO Martin Sorrell on certain businesses becoming obsolete. "The Web has permanently reduced the profitability of traditional media enterprises," he said. "Very few, if any, established companies ever move fast enough. If you start with legacy systems and legacy attitudes, you won't move quickly enough."

David Droga on the potential value-or non-value-of user generated content:

"I can film myself putting a cat down my pants and put a BMW logo on it. That might get a lot of hits but wouldn't do anything for the brand."

Best debunking of modern marketing speak:

Rishad Tobacowala: "Be careful about relationships. As someone said: 'I don't want to have a relationship with Tylenol, I want my headache to go away.' Keep in mind in being authentic, be very careful with those words."
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