Taco Bell President Dishes on Marijuana, 'Demolition Man' and Justin Bieber

Brian Niccol Grilled by Redditors As Part of Breakfast Blitz

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Ronald McDonald loves Taco Bell, and Taco Bell loves Reddit.

The chain launched its biggest menu rollout ever today with attention-grabbing advertising. Its massive marketing blitz kicked off with TV spots that feature a slew of real, actual Ronald McDonalds saying they love Taco Bell's breakfast. (McDonald's, in a somewhat surprising move, responded on Twitter with a tweet that said, "Breaking! Mayor McCheese confirms: Ronald, in fact, still prefers McDonald's," accompanied by an image of Mayor McCheese giving what appears to be a press conference.)

Brian Niccol
Brian Niccol

Part of the Taco Bell marketing blitz includes a press tour by President Brian Niccol, appearing on "Fox and Friends" and HuffPost Live. He even held a Q&A Thursday on Reddit's Ask Me Anything.

Taco Bell has built a name as being a social-media-savvy company -- and appearing on Reddit may seem like an unusual move for corporate executives, given the potential for an onslaught of nasty comments. It's no surprise, then, that several users took the opportunity to crack jokes about gastric distress or ask questions about the minimum-wage protests that have been taking place for more than a year.

Mr. Niccol didn't answer everything -- somehow the questions "Why are you trying to kill us?", "Is there a tomb for the chihuahua where I can pay my respects?" and "How do you feel about the movie 'Demolition Man' predicting the future of Taco Bell, saying it will be the only restaurant left to eat at?" went unanswered. But he responded to quite a few questions, some about marijuana, others about Taco Bell's business. Here are some highlights:

How do you live mas?
I never lay up in golf and I love to travel to places I've never been. And of course, going to Taco Bell!

Is it fair to say that the average Taco Bell visitor is a 18-to-34 year old man?
None of our customers are average. We have a lot of young males and females that come to Taco Bell. Its more about living mas.

What's really in your "meat"?
This is going to surprise you... our beef is beef with wonderful seasonings and I eat it every day.

How much have your sales increased in Colorado since the legalization of marijuana?
420% (But seriously what is 4/20?)

Do you plan to expand the breakfast menu at all, in the future?
People love the Taco Bell Breakfast menu and there is definitely more to come. In fact, there are a few new breakfast items in test right now.

Were there obstacles when you were creating the breakfast menu?
We had to have a menu that consumers would love, would be a terrific value, and our team members could execute flawlessly every time.

Only to America? When is this coming to Canada?
When you take Justin Bieber back.

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