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When Alison Kal, VP-marketing communications for Hilton Hotels Corp., finished tweaking, selecting celebrities and playing go-between for two entities on each side of the Atlantic Ocean, the chain's $10 million "It happens at the Hilton" ad campaign ended up with a lot of legs.

Ms. Kal, who also spearheaded the agency search, which resulted in Bozell Worldwide being selected, put together Hilton's first worldwide brand campaign in 35 years and then turned it into an internal campaigns allowing the chain to talk internally to employees about their messages and how they make it happen.

The global campaign shows famous guests photographed at Hiltons around the world. And, she notes, it differs from advertising by Hilton foes Doubletree and Wyndham. She says those chains emphasize rooms and services.

"We modified the format and selected or shot [celebrity] photos that were used and presented those to the alliance," she says. "We had to make sure people on both sides of the pond saw the same things at the same time so no one had an advantage."

Selection of celebrities was based upon those who had global appeal. It was Ms. Kal who picked Naomi Campbell, Nelson Mandela and Larry King to show exactly what was happening at the Hilton and at the same time give potential guests the feeling of an exciting and memorable experiences.

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