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A few observations on your Marketing to Hispanics Special Report (AA, Jan. 24).

First, am I the only one who realizes that Hispanic Business' estimated Hispanic ad spending lost almost $400 million somewhere between December 1992 and December 1993, Last year they reported Hispanic ad spending between 1989 and 1992 to be $2.7 billion. But, mysteriously, it is now only $2.3 billion, a 14% decline.

I was happy you changed to an overall positive tone, citing the industry's success. Just three years ago Ad Age described the industry as being on the precipice of disaster and stuck in a "Spanish-language advertising ghetto." The truth is probably somewhere in between.

How did your writers completely stumble around the most significant development in the industry: the dawn of better market research? OK, you mentioned Nielsen and Simmons, but how did you miss Nustat's Hispanic InfoSource which, with a sample over 6,000 strong, is providing clients today with Hispanic media habits and purchasing patterns for over 300 categories? This study has thrilled clients while also combating some of the poor perceptions we have about Hispanic language and media habits.

Raul Chavarria


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