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Prostitute No. 2 Strikes Back
Client: NY Latino Film Festival
Brand: Latino Actors
Title: "Casting"
Agency: La Finca Creativa, New York
Long consigned to movie roles as prostitutes, street thugs, drug dealers and air heads, Latino actors strike back in this public service spot for the New York Latino Film Festival. See Hispanic Advertising Awards report.

Bouncing Beer Keg
Client: Krasloterif-fust Lottery
Brand: Scratch Lottery Card
Title: "Scratch Lottery"
Agency: Result DDB, Amsterdam
This ode to beer drinking and lottery playing follows a bouncing keg as it negotiates the streets and alleyways of Amsterdam to its surprise ending. A hilarious spot.

Make-Believe Player
Client: Sega
Brand: ESPN/NFL Video Game
Title: "NFL"
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Skating the edge of his next psychotic episode, a video-game addict momentarily slips back into reality and an NFL locker room to demonstrate how authentic Sega's digital action can be. Frighteningly authentic in this case.

Landmark Design
Client: Lexus
Brand: Lexus LS
Title: "Bridge"
Agency: TeamOne
"Is it a marvel of engineering? A triumph of technology?" asks the voice-over. No, dummy, not the bridge. The Lexus LS.

Rock Geezer
Client: VH1
Brand: Peter Frampton Concert
Title: "Peter Frampton"
Agency: In-house
From his summer tour and concert special for VH1, this spot celebrates the music of Peter Frampton. He's one of the many rock geezers working hard to market their way back to the good old days. See the earlier rock geezer background story.

Audio Sadism
Client: MTV
Brand: MTV
Title: "Dentist"
Agency: La Comunidad, Miami Beach, Fla.
A Bronze winner at Saturday night's Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards in Los Angeles, this MTV commercial celebrates the diabolically creative audio sadism of a dentist's receptionist.

Getting Nowhere Fast
Client: Toyota
Brand: Prius
Title: "Power to Move Forward"
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Borrowing heavily from Neil Armstrong, this commercial describes its hybrid fuel-car product as "One smart step on the acelerator; one giant leap for mankind." The curious visual effects depict crowds of drivers, pedestrians and even an old-time locomotive getting nowhere fast. The Prius is the second version of Toyota's gas-and-battery-driven hybrid car.

No-Hands Driving
Client: Saturn
Brand: Saturn LS 300
Title: "Warnings"
Agency: Goodby & Silverstein
The businessman who eats with both hands while steering with his knees is just one the potential highway hazards cataloged in this spot. The message, of course, is that Saturn's braking system and air bags are always at the ready to protect against such roadway lunatics.

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